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Sparks Fly: A Founders Journey to Redefining Solar Power

Sparks Fly: A Founders Journey to Redefining Solar Power


Hello sun chasers,

Christin here, founder of Sol + Sonder. 

My journey with solar power? Well, it's a bit of a 'doh' moment turned lightbulb revelation.

It began after one too many laughs and drinks with friends in Sydney, leading to a classic facepalm: forgetting to charge my power banks. Cue a powerless morning, a dawning realisation, and the start of something big.

The Night That Sparked Change

Picture me, post a night out– good times, great chats, and... oh, right, forgot to charge my power banks. It was an oversight that anyone could have (and probably has had), but for me, it was a wake-up call. There I was, ferry-bound and battery-dead, feeling the weight of vulnerability in an urban sprawl.

It was in that powerless moment I wondered: why isn't solar power more available, more... sexy? Especially for women like me, who juggle style and practicality?

A solar power bank before we came into the scene. 

Addressing the Gap in Solar

I’ve always known solar power as a trusty companion in the wild, but in urban jungles? Not so much. Solar power needed a makeover. It needed to step out of its rugged shoes and slip into something head-turning. Thus, Sol + Sonder was conceived. 

My solar set up pre Sol + Sonder

Educating and Empowering

Our strategy at Sol + Sonder isn’t just about selling products. It’s about enlightening and celebrating the sexy side of solar. We’re talking safety, convenience, and independence. Imagine charging your phone while sipping a latte at a café, or keeping your camera ready for those impromptu photo ops. We want to show that solar power is as much about personal empowerment and safety as it is about energy.

Introducing the first of our solar remodels.

Safety: A Light in the Dark

Let's talk safety, a subject close to my heart.

That night in Sydney wasn’t just inconvenient; it was a stark reminder of how being connected is synonymous with being safe. It’s about more than just staying charged; it’s about feeling secure and self-assured, wherever your adventures take you.

Checking out Sydney from another angle.

Because it just makes sense

So here's to turning a 'whoops' into a 'eureka.'

At Sol + Sonder, we're not just redesigning solar products; we're reshaping perceptions. We’re here to infuse a dash of sexy into solar power, making it an essential, fashionable part of everyday life. Because let's face it, we all deserve products that keep up with us, from sunup to sundown, workday to night out.


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