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(n.) The profound realisation that everyone, including strangers passing by, have a life as vivid and as complex as your own: In a state of sonder, each of us is at once a hero, a supporting cast member, and an extra in overlapping stories.

Powered by sun

Made down under and Fuelled by the audacity to carve out a new path to power
At Sol + Sonder, we blend bold with renewable, creating solar-powered accessories that are as sexy as they are functional. Our mission is to empower with products that harness Mother Nature's unlimited energy, getting off on freedom and conscious connection wherever life leads.

Driven by purpose

Christin Marshall


At the heart of Sol + Sonder is founder, Christin Marshall. With an expansive vision for design and a lifelong passion for adventure, she embodies the spirit of 'Sonder'—recognising and celebrating the rich, intricate tapestry of personal stories that weave through our collective journey.
Infusing Sol + Sonder with playful yet purposeful energy, transforming the mundane into the bold. She strives to ignite the spark of empowerment in everyone her brand touches, advocating for a world where energy independence is not only possible but intertwined with personal expression and environmental connection. As she leads Sol + Sonder, she continues to explore the intersection of technology, design, and human experience, always pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Ali Cotton

Creative director

Ali Cotton spins threads of raw creativity into gold at Sol + Sonder. Blending over 15 years of design mastery and brand storytelling with a pulse for sustainable innovation. The driving force behind the pioneering sportswear label First Base, Ali now channels her knack for creating buzzworthy, socially-conscious gear into the heart of our solar-powered mission. With an eye ever on the horizon of culture and sustainability, she crafts with intention, ensuring every product pulses with energy and purpose. Under her direction, we're not just making solar-powered products—we're breaking the mold of a greener, sexier future.