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Using Your Sol Seeker

Whether you're a solar novice or a seasoned sun soaker, keep reading to get the most from Mother Nature's juice.

Before You Solar Play

1. Pre-Game

Charge your Sol Seeker at home before its solar debut. Think of it as liquid courage for your sun-soaked adventures

2. Use Protection

To keep your Sol Seeker's Napa leather exterior looking stunning for years to come, pamper it with a high-quality leather protector and conditioner before its first use

3. Read The Signals

Those little lights on your battery aren’t just for show, they’re the signals telling you how much juice you’re holding and how hot your connection with the sun really is.

The Signals

Low Efficiency

When the lights flash from the top to the bottom and repeat, this means you’re getting some power, but not as much as you could be. Check the weather and windows, reassess your angles or prepare for patience.

Charge Status

Each of the four lights represent a 25% charge level. One solid light indicates up to a 25% charge, two show 25-50% charged, three 50-75%, and four solid lights means you’re 75-100% charged. The solo blinking light shows the 25% you’re currently working on.

Powering up the Au Naturel Way

1. Get Connected

Plug the panels into the power bank when you're ready to store some rays. You'll see the micro cable attached to the panels, ready for a hot connection.

2. Go Slow

Make sure the battery warms up to the sun by unfurling the panels at a leisurely pace. This prevents premature activation of the built-in battery protections. If it shuts down, simply close back up, and try again—no rush.

3. Find the Right Position

For peak performance, your Sol Seeker needs direct sun. It will still store power on overcast days but the brighter the better!

4. Save Before You Spend

Stock up on sun before plugging in your devices. If you are taking more power than you’ve stored, you won’t get more than a quickie charge.

Q's Answered

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