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Sol Seeker 101

Getting the Spark Started

Whether you're a solar novice or a seasoned "sun-seeker", make sure you read up on the tech stuff to keep the sparks alive.

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Using Your Sol Seeker

Before Your Escapades

1. Juice Up Via an Outlet

Before diving into the solar charging experience, ensure your power bank is fully charged using an outlet

2. Nurture the Leather

To keep your Sol Seeker's Napa leather exterior looking stunning for years to come, pamper it with a high-quality leather protector and conditioner before its first use

3. Get on Top of the Indicators

The power bank's indicator lights convey battery level and charging status. Check out the examples below, so you're in the know.

The Indicators

Processing/Low Efficiency Charging

Lights will flash from the bottom to the top at first. If it continues, this means it is charging at a lower efficiency. Check for windows and obstructions!

Charging Status

The charge indicators are presented in quarters. One light will continue to flash, indicating the current charge amount.

In the Moment/Sun

1. Go Slow

Make sure the battery warms up. Let the solar panels be slowly exposed to sunlight to prevent premature activation of the built-in battery protection mechanisms. If your power bank shuts down in the sunlight, simply close and open the panels more leisurely to protect the battery.

2. Find the Right Position

Let your Sol Seeker bask in the sun's warm embrace. Lay it out under the radiant sky, and watch the solar panels work their magic. Remember, the brighter, the better!

3. Check the Windows

Be mindful that windows or any obstructions can impact solar charging efficiency by filtering out the vital UV rays needed for solar power.

Don't want to spare the details?

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