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Sol + Sonder


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Turned on by nature

Hook up with a power supply that goes the distance.

  • Safety First.

    Fend off unwanted battery blues and don't let a dead device mean a dead end. 
  • Ditch the outlet hunts.

    Solar power is a universal currency. No strings (or outlets) attached.
  • Keep your options open.

    No sun? Plug into the grid to keep your supply from running dry.
  • Make a conscious connection.

    Squeeze Mother Nature's renewable juice and let the sun keep you connected.

Don't get tied down

welcome to the power play

Keep your tech turned on

Sol Seeker

Store power anywhere the sun touches. Not just a power bank; energy independence.
  • Genuine napa leather

  • Buy 2 get 10% off

Best for crossing borders

Sol Traveller

Sol Seeker and matching Travel Wallet in one tight package
  • Genuine napa leather

  • Limited time Free Personalisation

  • Any 2nd item 20% off

Use protection

Leather Wax

Protect from spills, cracks, and leave hide satisfied.
  • Made in Australia

  • All natural Bush Ingredients

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Use protection

Leather Wax

Protect from spills, cracks, and leave hide satisfied.
  • Made in Australia

  • All natural Bush Ingredients

"When travelling one aims to cultivate an air of calm competency"


"The Next Big Thing"


"This power bank shuns the typical electronic brick look"

Voted Australia's #1 Phone Power Bank


Feeling Satisfied

"In love with this. Because the design is so minimal and sleek, I use my Sol Traveller day to night. And the solar power bank! Works so well, and recharges quickly compared to other solar power banks I've used!"

Francesca C.

"Such an amazing product! It was so luxe having this on my last holiday. Absolutely obsessed with it and take it everywhere with me!"

Marina S.

"We used the Solar Power Bank every day while in Thailand. We charged phones, iPads, and headphones while out and about at the beach, pool, and restaurants. It was essential to make sure we always had enough battery for all of our devices - especially for the kids while at restaurants so we could eat in a little peace! It is a definite travel essential!"

Jess H.

"One of the smartest things I’ve had to date. I absolutely love my Sol Traveller and used it on my whole trip in Europe I just returned from - as always being on the move, the solar power bank was so easy to use!!!"

Priscilla G.

we’re more than solar technology β€” we're flipping the switch on empowerment.

Hailing from the sun-drenched state of Queensland, we don't just ride along with the green tech movement β€” We're forging a power play for independence, a tool for empowerment, and a symbol of potential.

The Sun
The profound realisation that everyone, including strangers passing by, have a life as vivid and as complex as your own.