charge your lifestyle

We’ve given solar power a sexy new look so you can store power from the sun and save it for when you need it most

Top up your power anywhere the sun shines

solar power for the modern traveller

Solar Travel Wallet
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Top-up your power supply anywhere the sun shines.
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charge your devices

Travelling with solar gives you the freedom to charge on the go, anywhere the sun shines. Why be stuck to an outlet?

use renewable energy

The sun offers free, clean energy and a lot of it. Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and add solar power to your next adventure.

how it works

Find some sun

Where there is sun, there is energy

store some power

Use panels to charge the power bank

top up

Detach the power bank and top up your devices

your new travel companion

Store your solar away in our chic travel wallet. Plenty of space for your passport, cards, notes and boarding passes. Never leave home without all the important stuff.

Fast Charge
Heat Protection
Overcharge Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Reset Protection
Input/output overvoltage Protection

the power bankĀ 

Our power bank is ultra thin, boast the latest technology and give you the ability to charge three devices at once. Detach from the panels to use when the sun goes down.

Dual USB-A Output
USB-C Input/Output (Fast Charge)
Micro USB Input

charge your adventures

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