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Article: Finding Your Solar Sidekick

Finding Your Solar Sidekick
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Finding Your Solar Sidekick

Ever toyed with the idea of harnessing the sun's power for your gadgets? It's time to turn that thought into action. But not all solar companions are created equal. Here’s the lowdown on what you didn’t know you wanted in a solar charger. 

When it comes to solar charging, surface area is your best friend.

More panels mean more power and less time chasing the sun. That's why our chargers pack a trio of high-efficiency panels, offering a substantial surface area to absorb more sunlight. This means while a single-panel charger leaves you waiting, ours gets you powered up faster. Imagine lounging at a music festival, your charger soaking up the sun, ready to revive your phone for the evening’s escapades.

Solar panels can be your companions for up to two decades. Our focus on detachable power banks means you can update the tech without parting with those long-lasting panels.

Solar charging is a slow burn, but a big reward.

Make sure you get on top of charge times that Solar Power Banks can offer. Especially if you're relying on the sun's charge. Our chargers offer respectable charge times considering their solar nature! 

The solar charging time depends on various factors such as sunlight intensity, panel orientation, and environmental conditions. On average, under the right conditions, the solar panels can charge the power bank in around 4 hours. Once you've stored some power even after an hour, you can begin topping up your devices, turning idle sunbathing into productive power-ups. 

Of course you want to consider the capacity, but don't forget the weight.

Our power bank boasts 5000mAh in a compact, ultra light design. As a general estimate, a 5000mAh power bank can typically provide one to two full charges for most smartphones depending on the device you're using.

Weight and portability were a non-negotiable. We opted for a light, compact power bank over larger capacity units. More capacity means more weight, and we wanted our chargers to be travel/everyday friendly. 

Check your input/output options and if you want a fast charge. We've got fast charge, 2 inputs (Micro and USB-C) alongside 3 outputs (Dual USB-A and USB-C). They're also social butterflies, ready to mingle with up to three devices at once.

Universally accepted, solar chargers eliminate the need for various power adaptors, simplifying your travel tech.

Whether you're navigating a bustling city or hiking remote trails, charging with solar is your uncomplicated power companion. You've got options. Squeeze Mother Nature's Juice with solar charging, or connect to the grid for an uninterrupted power supply.

Let's talk about where you're heading...

Our chargers are built to withstand diverse environments, from rugged mountains to chic rooftop bars. However, like most power banks, they're not fond of swimming. So while a splash won't hurt, a dip might be too much. They're created to be both resilient and stylish because we believe your power source should be as dynamic as your adventures.

Ready to amp up your solar game? Let’s get you set up with a charger that’s as prepared for a sun-drenched adventure as it is for an urban excursion. Discover the difference with a solar charger that understands your lifestyle needs, both in the great outdoors and in the heart of the city.


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