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Sol: The Sun | Sonder: The profound realisation that everyone, including strangers passing in the street, have a life as vivid and as complex as your own.

Brains behind the Beauty.

Christin Marshall


From the sun-drenched shores of Queensland, Christin is forming a new current in solar innovation. Infusing Sol + Sonder with an expansive vision for design and a lifelong passion for adventure, she lives the essence of 'Sonder'—celebrating the myriad of personal stories that converge in our collective journey.
A spirit that sparks and a mission to weave a thread of playful innovation through the fabric of everyday energy use.

Ali Cotton


Ali blends over 15 years of design mastery and brand storytelling with a pulse for sustainable innovation. The driving force behind the pioneering sportswear label First Base, Ali now channels her knack for creating buzzworthy, socially-conscious gear into the heart of our solar-powered mission. With an eye ever on the horizon of culture and sustainability, she crafts with intention, ensuring every product pulses with energy and purpose.

From the land Down Under

Sol + Sonder embodies the energy of the Australian way of life. With boundless blue skies overhead, our inspiration is as vast as our homeland's horizons. This isn't just a nod to our roots; it's a testament to where we source our power and passion.