solar power for everyday

Sol + Sonder is on a mission to change the worlds perception of solar power that’s long been associated with the campgrounds, our roof and rural regions. We are transforming this valuable resource to fit our everyday life by creating functional, fashionable and accessible accessories to suit your lifestyle.

the Basics

Solar Energy 101

Solar radiation is light (also called electromagnetic radiation) that is released by the sun. Solar technologies capture this and turn it into useful sources of energy.

the Technology

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Whilst they are more expensive than other solar technologies, they offer the greatest efficiency (even on cloudy days) and are the best solution for charging your power bank on the go.

our story

A short holiday along the buzzing coastline of Sydney left Christin, a designer and lifestyle traveller, stranded when her phone died after forgetting to charge her power banks overnight. Remembering back to her camping trips and how convenient it was to use solar power when there was no access to outlets.

Adamant that solar power deserved to sit in more places than just the campgrounds or on our roofs, she started her mission in 2019 to get solar power out of the wilderness and change how we use and view this valuable, renewable backup power solution.

definition of Sol + Sonder


The Sun


The profound realisation that everyone, including strangers passing in the street, have a life as vivid and as complex as your own

meet the founder

A founder from the Sunshine State, who believes that Australia should be leading the way in renewable resources. Christin is a designer on a mission to integrate solar power more in our everyday lives.

“By making solar power beautiful, more accessible and functional we have the ability to get this renewable energy in the hands of everyone. To become more independent and less reliant on fossil fuels.” 

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